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Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company established in 1987 and based in Maryland USA.  Their entire business is making and selling dog and cat beds. Kuranda Dog and Cat Beds are used extensively throughout the USA and Europe, and now Australia.

Kuranda Dog and Cat Beds - the best choice for your dog or cat

Kuranda beds are the only beds made to give soft off the floor comfort and yet be able to withstand daily use. Kuranda beds are made to be comfortable, easy to clean, economical, have replaceable parts, and last for years. First introduced in 1995, Kuranda beds are used in kennels and shelters throughout the U.S. and Canada plus nine other countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and New Zealand.

"Chew proof" design: Kuranda beds are made with a sturdy frame which actually prevents dogs from getting a direct bite on the weight supporting fabric.

What benefits will Kuranda beds give your pet facility?

Happier, less stressed dogs, satisfied customers, their dogs will have a soft place to rest, significantly reduced laundering costs, no more washing blankets or towels, better looking facility

Who uses Kuranda beds?

Boarding kennels, animal shelters, pounds, rescue groups, universities, humane societies, dog trainers, dog breeders and home users

What makes Kuranda beds so unique?

The frame of the bed actually protects the supporting fabric from a direct bite by a dog. Fabrics are only vulnerable to scratching or digging and of course normal wear and tear. Kuranda beds are the only kennel beds made that bolt together so there is no difficulty assembling or disassembling Kuranda beds

Assembly Instructions