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Now you can have good looking, spacious, accessible (no lifting of dogs) kennel runs at locations where limited space availability and/or high real estate costs preclude the use of single-level runs. Mason's original design Double-D runs are full height and provide easy walk-in access for dogs and handlers. Our uniquely designed drain system channels waste and cleaning solutions from all runs into protected trench drains.

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Systems vary in width and height but usually require a 635mm wide room with a 356mm high ceiling. The length of the room required depends on the quantity of kennels and stairways desired.

Recent design innovations make it possible to install Double-D kennels in rooms as narrow as 4.265m and with only 305mm of interior headroom. Back-to-Back Double-D systems contain back-to-back first floor runs and two rows of upper level runs facing a centre aisle. New Single Row Double-D systems contain a single row of first floor runs topped by an aisle and one row of upper level runs.

A 305mm - 457mm wide floor trench drain must be in place under the length of the system to accommodate both level's drainage.

Upper level walkways aisle width is 1200mm. They are made similar to the upper level run floors out of moulded composite fibreglass with anti-slip texture and drains for easy clean-up.

Stairways are not provided but proper dimensions can be provided for local builders to construct them on-site. They can be positioned either between kennel units or at the end of a series of kennel units. Double-D runs are available with Mason stainless steel or chainlink gates.

Contact Us for a complimentary video that will assist you in planning an appropriate Double-D system for your application.


Runs In both systems first floor runs can be furnished in almost any length and in widths of 914mm, 1200mm, 1829mm or 2440mm. Upper level runs are normally shorter than first floor runs (because of the walkway) and are available in 914mm or 1200mm widths. Lower runs are normally equipped with swing-up resting benches for dog comfort and easy access to the floor drain, as well as, KenlDors mounted on the back panels for transfer of dogs between adjacent runs. Upper runs have rest benches and top covers to prevent any injuries. Upper level floors use Mason’s UltraBase one-piece moulded floor which has built-in slope to a rear drain which is plumbed down to the floor trench drain. Panels are available in various colours.



Double-Deck Brochure

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Double-Deck Video

Below is the Mason Double-D overview video

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