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Chainlink Kennel Modules

All Mason chainlink kennels are made from Allied Super Gatorshield® structural steel tubing...a Mason exclusive! Super Gatorshield® chainlink frames are three times more rust-resistant than galvanised schedule 40 pipe! Only Mason manufactures its own chainlink mesh. Our wire (which contains more rust-resistant zinc than any competitor's) is smooth-sealed to eliminate burrs and other irregularities. All Mason fabric is stretched tight and then hand laced at every intersection for maximum strength and resistance to wear. All wire ends are knuckled for safety.


Chainlink Full Mesh Panels

Chainlink Isolation Panels

Chainlink Mesh Panels on Solid Walls

Full mesh panels provide the best visibility and air circulation in almost all kennel installations. Mason wire mesh comes in three standard sizes:

  • 2.54cm mesh with 11 or 13 gauge wire

  • 3.81cm mesh with 9 or 11 gauge wire

  • 5.08cm mesh with 9 or 11 gauge wire

Other mesh sizes are available on a special order basis. Full mesh panels can also be used as kennel top covers.

Mason chainlink isolation panels feature a lower solid section topped by a wire mesh section. The solid section provides animal privacy and eliminates the flow of liquids to adjacent runs. Solid panel materials are galvanised steel, stainless steel, and ABS (acrylonitrile batadiene styrene). ABS panels are recommended for inside use only.

Solid walls of varying heights (most often 1.2192m) made of materials such as concrete block, masonry, or ceramic tile, are sometimes specified for kennels.

Mason fence panels and gates are positioned above and between these solid walls.


Chainlink Swing Gate

Chainlink Stall Front

Chainlink Slide Gate

Sturdy Mason swing gates are hung on their own heavy duty hinges for added strength and support. Bowl brackets and other options available. Comes with the Never-Fail two-way latch.

Ideal for runs that exceed 1.2192m in width or where better dog control is needed.

Same latches and options as swing gate.

Designed for use where aisle space is limited. Allows for easy opening from either inside or outside the run. Slides effortlessly, latches quickly and reliably.

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