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The World’s #1 Isolation Kennel!
When animals need to be safely housed in a contamination-free environment, more customers have turned to our Chainlink Sani-Kennel than any other isolation kennel in America.
Chainlink Sani-Kennel Photo
Featuring quality, hand-laced wire mesh construction and our original design aluminum isolation channels, which help prevent cross-contamination,Chainlink Sani-Kennels provide solid, secure enclosures that are reliable and economical.

Created for outdoor and indoor use, these kennels are ideal for sloped surfaces built with gutters or drains. Manufactured as modular components, Chainlink Sani-Kennels allow you the ultimate in design flexibility.



Sani-Kennel Components



A full-width Mason swing-up rest bench keeps dogs away from rear gutter when bench is down. However, the kennel and rear gutter are completely accessible for cleaning when the rest bench is raised and secured to the back panel.This permits the complete hosing and cleaning of the gutter as well as all kennel floors. Liquid and (if desired) solid wastes can easily be hosed from kennels into the rear gutter, and from there to the gutter's sewer outlet.

If a kennel run extends to the outside wall of a building, a swing-up rest bench that covers the rear gutter can be mounted to the building wall. The customer saves the cost of kennel back panels and grid covers over the gutter. Kennel cleaning is fast, safe, and easy.









Chainlink Sani-Kennel Brochure

Click on the brochure below to download the Chainlink Sani-Kennel product brochure.












Click Here to download brochure

Chainlink Sani-Kennel Video

Below is the Mason Chainlink Sani-Kennel video:

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