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The Therian Cat Condos are unique in their look, structure and function to any other cat enclosure on the market today.
  • Each condo has tiers for the cats to get up off the ground.
  • There is the option of separate ensuite litter tray room, away from the accommodation area. This enhanses the level of comfort for feline companions in your care.
  • Integrated ventilation system can accommodate between 15 and 20 complete air changes per hour per condo.  With respect to airborne diseases, this reduces airborne virus particle concentrations, thus drastically reducing infection rates.  Transmission of airborne diseases like cat flu are significantly reduced.
  • WIth the hospital grade melamine, this ensures that the condos are moisture and bacteria free and easy to clean.
  • Optional port holes with doors, so that you can open up two condos to each other. 
  • Optional tempered glass doors with vent holes for air circulation
  • Comes in 6 Model sizes
  • Consists of top and bottom units
  • Can be positioned alone, side-by-side, or back-to-back

All Therian Cat Condos are shipped complete ready for final assembly on site for ease of handling and installation!


   Therian manufactures these Cat Condos in Australia.   


Cat Condo Brochure

Click on the brochure below to download the Therian Cat Condo product and colour selection brochure.


  Cat Condo Brochure

Cat Condos at the Lost Dogs Home

Below is a news article on the Raintree Cat Condos installed at the Lost Dogs Home animal shelter in North Melbourne:

Cat Condo Video

Below is the Mason Raintree Cat Condo Overview video:

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