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Veterinary Hospital Design

We are pleased to be able to tailor a unique solution for your business that incorporates the latest trends in Veterinary Facility Design. Our commitment to innovation and passion for excellence flows through every step, the result being great designs that are fresh, modern and appealing, but most of all yours. Designed with you, delivered for you and enjoyed by you.

The most critical stage of any new facility is the concept phase; this is where your facility first takes shape. We concentrate on animal management, staff utilisation, human and animal flow, room efficiency and animal housing as we understand the unique requirements of modern animal care facilities.

"Gavin Biggs and the Therian team have created, designed and delivered an outstanding, unique, state-of-the-art veterinary facility."

Our in house design team ensure your designs reflect your wants and needs, from the initial design to full facility fit out options. Our turnkey service incorporates the specific issues relating to animal care and management. You don’t have to spend time educating us - we speak your language.

Incorporating us into your planning process early can reduce unnecessary costs and delays. We provide comprehensive support irrespective of the size of your project or product needs.

Sample Veterinary Hospital Designs

To help with your preliminary planning, the below group of veterinary hospital designs will give you some idea of the different shapes, layouts and concepts for veterinary hospital buildings.

Please keep in mind that the building size, consult room numbers, treatment areas, surgery suites, dog and cat wards and all other areas can be changed on any of the plans. There is no limit to your ideas - we can custom design any of these hospital designs to suit your specific needs and site constraints.

To start the design process for your new Veterinary Hospital, return the selected plan to us with any desired changes noted on the plan. Or, of course, you can simply send us a sketch of your own proposed design.

If you would like to view some additional facility photos, please view our gallery here.

Please note:  To download a larger image of any of the plans shown below, you must be a registered user on the Therian website.  To register, please click here


Vet Hospitals up to 300 square metres


Hometown Animal Hospital

Building Area:    230 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  3
Number of Consult Rooms:  3



Norwalk Vet Hospital

Building Area:    240 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  3
Number of Consult Rooms:  2



Butterfield Vet 

Building Area:  267 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  2
Number of Consult Rooms:  3 



East End Vet

Building Area:   280 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  4
Number of Consult Rooms:  4



Hill Country Vet Hospital

Building Area:   300 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  3.5
Number of Consult Rooms:  3



Vet Hospitals 301 to 600 square metres


Centennial Valley Animal Hospital

Building Area:   370 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  3
Number of Consult Rooms:  4


Kindness Animal Hospital

Building Area:   420 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  4
Number of Consult Rooms:  4


Atascocita Animal Hospital

Building Area: 500 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  4
Number of Consult Rooms: 5  


Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic 

Building Area:   560 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  3
Number of Consult Rooms:  4



Magrane Pet Medical Centre

Building Area:   560 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  5
Number of Consult Rooms:  6



Marathon Veterinary Hospital

Building Area:   600 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  6
Number of Consult Rooms:  5



Vet Hospitals over 600 square metres


Meadow Hills Vet 

Building Area:   610 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets:  4
Number of Consult Rooms:  5



Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital 

Building Area:   720 m2
Full Time Equivalent Vets: 4
Number of Consult Rooms:  4


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