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Therian has over 30 years experience operating boarding kennels coupled with over 20 years experience in construction management.

We have completed many facilities across Australia and regularly travel overseas to learn about industry best practice in other countries. Many of our findings have been incorporated into the design of Australian facilities.

Our design and construction team works on a variety of projects – green field, renovations and fit outs – all of which operate under full-time on-site supervision.

In all projects, Therian has an overriding principle which is to provide modern facilities that are sensitive to animal welfare considerations.

Below is a list of projects completed by Therian:

  • Park, Bark & Purr - Sydney Airport NSW
  • Animal Welfare League - Kemps Creek NSW
  • Hanrob Pet Hotel - Melbourne Airport VIC
  • RSPCA VIC - Portland Regional Shelter VIC
  • The Lost Dogs Home - North Melbourne VIC
  • ABBA Pet Resort - Dandenong South VIC
  • The Lost Dogs Home - Cranbourne VIC
  • The Pets Hotel - Port Melbourne VIC
  • Animal Welfare League - Ingleside NSW
  • The Lost Dogs Home Vet Hospital - North Melbourne VIC

Below is a number of project profiles of recently completed projects.  To view each project profile, click on the image.

therian-project-profiles-animalaid.jpg  therian-project-profiles-ldhcatfacility.jpg 
 therian-project-profiles-pethotel.jpg  therian-project-profiles-rspca-qld.jpg
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