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The Mason Company has been manufacturing animal enclosures since 1892 in the United States of America.  They have been producing top quality animal enclosures that satisfy the needs of dog handlers from the smallest to the largest boarding kennels, veterinary hospitals, animal welfare organisations and other professional organisations. These clients appreciate the many special design features that make Mason enclosures so convenient for the handler and so safe for the animals.  They also appreciate the heavy duty construction and high quality materials that make a Mason enclosure a long term investment.

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FRP Sani-Kennels™

Attractive & Affordable!

With FRP Sani-Kennels, you’ll never have to worry about leakage or cross contamination. Durable, scratch resistant FRP isolation panels fit into our patented, water-tight Sani-Slope™ aluminium floor mounting system.

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FRP Quiet Cottage Fibreglass Cages

The Stacked Cage System of the Future

Not your average stacked caging system, the Mason Quiet Cottages features a molded, solid-surface fiberglass cage body with individual built-in drains that makes clean up a snap. A raised polyethylene grid floor keeps animals away from liquids, while the sloped cage floor underneath routes all liquids to the hidden drain in the back corner. Sani-Cage comes with a form-welded stainless steel gate for years of trouble-free operation.

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Therian Cat Condos

Finally, an Enclosure Purrfect for Cats!

Therian Cat Condos are a beautiful addition to any room, and their attractive finish guarantees the facilities will look first class for your clients! Our unique optional exhaust system integrated into each cat condo will guarantee you a pleasant and odour free environment for your staff and customers. With separate sections for the litter tray (shielding the litter tray from view) – away from the accommodation area, making them extremely easy to clean and ‘more comfortable for cats in your care’.

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UltraBase™ Kennels

Stretch your kennel space!

Go where you didn’t think possible with Mason’s elevated UltraBase. With no gutter or special sewer lines required, the UltraBase system permits you to install indoor kennels in spaces not normally constructed for housing animals.

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Chainlink Sani-Kennels™

World's #1 Isolation Kennel!

When animals need to be safely housed in a contamination-free environment, more customers have turned to our Chainlink Sani-Kennel than any other isolation kennel.  Featuring quality, hand-laced wire mesh construction and our patented aluminium isolation channels, which help prevent cross-contamination, Chainlink Sani-Kennels provide solid, secure enclosures that are reliable and economical.

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