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Chainlink Sani Kennel

Australia’s #1 Isolation Kennel! When animals need to be safely housed in a contamination-free environment, more customers have turned to our Chainlink Sani-Kennel than any other isolation kennel in Australia

FRP Sani Kennel

Attractive & Affordable! Premium looks don’t need to come with a premium price tag. Made with Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels and available in 12 decorator colours.

Ultrabase Kennel

Stretch your Kennel space! Go where you didn't think possible with the Mason elevated UltraBase.

Double Deck Kennels

Add Up the Savings to Building Up! Need room to grow, but you’re limited on space? Just look up… to Double-D Modular Double Deck Kennels, the ultimate space problem-solver!

ISO Care Cage

Ideal For Treating Parvo Virus! A growing number of veterinary hospitals and animal shelters are choosing to ISO-CARE for isolating animals due to contagious diseases or quarantine requirements.

Quiet Cottage Fibreglass Cage

The quiet and warm alternative to stainless steel cages! 

Therian Cat Condo

Finally, an Enclosure Purrfect for Cats! The last thing a cat wants is to be treated like a dog. That’s why we created the Therian Cat Condo.

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