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Guillotine Transfer Doors 

Mason Kenl-Dors® are considered the kennel market’s most efficient vertical lift transfer doors. Various Kenl-Dor models are available for use either on building walls, as a built-in component of a Mason isolation back panel or division panel, or as a full-width door replacement for a Mason back panel or division panel. All Kenl-Dors glide easily in specially designed, heavy-duty aluminum channels.

Kenl-Dors are furnished complete with standard 0.635cm translucent polypropylene door panel, aluminum channels, cable guard, cable, pulleys, S hook and all necessary hardware for installation. Optional accessories include weather seal baffle for indoor-outdoor building wall openings and counterbalanced opening systems with multiple pull cords. Standard Kenl-Dors are:

  • REGULAR - for openings up to 73.66cm high x 30.48cm wide.

  • LARGE - for openings up to 73.66cm high x 43.18cm wide.

  • EXTRA LARGE - for openings up to 86.36cm high x 43.18cm wide.

Custom sizes are available.

Wall Mounted Kenl-Dors

Wall mounted Kenl-Dors can be mounted to most building walls to provide controlled indoor-outdoor dog access.

For maximum thermal efficiency on building wall openings, wall-mounted Kenl-Dors may be used in combination with Ckenl-dorpic1.jpgarlson insulated swing doors.










Panel Mounted Kenl-Dors

A Mason Kenl-Dor can be mounted to any Mason back panel or division panel to provide controlled dog access to an adjacent run. If desired, a Kenl-Dor connecting two runs can be left open to provide a larger area for a single dog or multiple dogs boarded together.

Kennel cleaning is also easier when runs are equipped with panel mounted Kenl-Dors. A dog can be moved to an unoccupied adjacent run while its run is being cleaned.

 kenl-dorpic2.jpg  kenldor.jpg













Pickwick Dog Operated Doors

Pickwick Dog-Operated DoorDogs can come and go as they please through the Mason Pickwick Door. This two-piece door features a cast aluminum frame that swings out (hinged on one side) and an inner polycarbonate panel that swings in (hinged from the opposite side). All hardware is plated for efficient, long-lasting service. Ships ready-to-install.

Available Sizes

  Door Dimensions Opening Dimensions
Model Outside Door width x height Inside Door wdith x height Width min.-max. Height min.-max.
Model B 333.38mm x 495.30mm 238.13mm x 422.28mm 282.58mm - 320.68mm 444.50mm - 482.60mm
Model A 425.45mm x 501.65mm 320.68mm x 425.45mm 368.30mm - 412.75mm 450.85mm - 488.95mm
Model D 403.23mm x 552.45mm 295,28mm x 476.25mm 342.90mm - 390.53mm 501.65mm - 539.75mm
Model E 387.35mm x 571.50mm 279.40mm x 498.48mm 323.85mm - 374.65mm 523.88mm - 558.80mm
Model F 431.80mm x 596.90mm 323.85mm x 527.05mm 368.30mm - 419.10mm 552.45mm - 584.20mm
Model C 444.50mm x 736.60mm 330.20mm x 666.75mm 374.65mm - 431.80mm 688.98mm - 723.90mm


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