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Sample Kennel Layouts Print E-mail

To help with your preliminary planning, this group of kennel plans will give you some idea of the different shapes of buildings now being used for commercial kennels.

Please keep in mind that the building size and number of runs can be changed on any of the plans. There is no problem with special sizes because we can custom build any of the equipment shown in the catalogue. There is no extra charge for special sizes.

If you want a cost estimate for the equipment required for any of the plans, return the selected plan to us with any desired changes (size, number of runs, etc.) noted on the plan. Or, of course, you can simply send us a sketch of your own proposed design.

Please note:  To download a larger image of any of the plans shown below, you must be a registered user on the Therian site.  To register, please click here.


Plan 1

Capacity for 100 animals with separate wards for small, medium and large size breeds.


Plan 2

Compact plan that keeps distance to service runs to a minimum.


Plan 3

Would fit nicely on a corner of your building site.


Plan 4

Separate wards that can be closed during off-season periods.


Plan 5

Capacity of 96 runs featuring different sizes of runs.Distance to service runs kept to a minimum.


Plan 6

All inside facility for areas where zoning prohibits outside runs.


Plan 7

For possible use on an odd-shaped building site.


Plan 8

A good basic starter plan that allows for future expansion.


Plan 9

Features outside exercise runs in addition to cage rooms.


Plan 10

Excellent for a gun dog training kennel,or other facilities that handle outside-type dogs.


Plan 11

Another all-inside facility suitable for areas where zoning prohibits outside runs.

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