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Dogs love rest benches! Mason rest benches keep dogs clean and comfortable off wet or soiled floors and drains. Our rest benches are constructed of the highest quality aluminum or Gatorshield® structural steel tubing, in both swing-up and freestanding styles. Ideal for Mason Isolation Kennels, our swing-up rest benches allow easy drain access and cleaning by kennel staff.

  • REGULAR - 50cm wide x 100cm long x 15cm high.
  • LARGE - 60cm wide x 100cm long x 15cm high.
  • EXTRA LARGE - 70cm wide x 120m long x 15cm high.



Rugged, functional and built to last, Gatorshield® structural grade steel tubing prevents rest bench damage from chewing or being overturned. The resting surface is durable, easy care 1/4”gray ABS plastic. Available in Freestanding and Swing-up styles.




These attractive rest benches add appeal to any kennel run. Sturdy aluminum frame supports an inviting scratch-resistant, easy-care 3/4” polyethylene board surface. Standard plastic leg inserts reduce noise and protect kennel floors. Available in Freestanding and Swing-up styles. 



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