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Design and Project Management services

Therian specialises in preparing development applications to submit to your local council for Boarding Kennels, Animal Shelters, Pounds, Dog Day Care Centres and Veterinary Practices.  We have staff who specialise in each facility type to ensure that you receive quality advice to assist you with your new development.

Facility Design

Therian draws on their unique work experience to produce a facility that incorporates your marketing strategies, site issues, weather patterns and staff productivity.

At all times our clients needs, both present and future, are at the forefront of all design decisions. We provide complete facility layout, and our experience will produce a facility that takes into account the future operating costs of the facility.

We will work with you to design an attractive and functional facility that will operate at maximum efficiency.

Some of our clients have their own project managers, architects, town planners and consultants. We work closely with these organisations in an advisory capacity which helps reduce design costs and ensures the most efficient design criteria.

Kennel Layout Design

Therian draws on our knowledge of best practices in modern animal housing.

We understand that it is imperative for your business to operate as cost efficiently as possible. Staff labour is one of the highest operational costs facing professionals in the pet care industry; therefore an efficiently designed facility will impact positively on operational efficiencies and profitability.

During consultation we consider kennel design, pet exercise areas and work practices to ensure that time spent walking around the facility is minimised, resulting in work flow areas running smoothly and efficiently.

We have consulted on, and constructed, numerous animal housing facilities. We know firsthand what works. This experience enables us to sit down with our clients and derive the most cost effective and space efficient design for their facility.  

Please click here to see some of our sample plans.

Project Drawings

Our intimate knowledge and involvement in the animal housing industry enables us to understand the unique requirements of individual clients and what they need to achieve from their particular facility.

Our designs are practical, drawing on our vast experience with specific industry issues such as air flow, animal exercise, acoustic control and efficient layout for staffing.

Our team will provide you with shop drawings that are ready for council Development Application submission.

Acoustic Consulting and Sales

A major issue facing animal housing facilities today is noise pollution.

Urban sprawl and the encroachment of suburbs has made noise levels a major consideration. Pet care facilities need to ensure that neighbouring properties are not subjected to the barking of dogs, and staff are not working under constant and excessive noise levels.

Therian will offer professional acoustic advice on how to reduce noise pollution in an effective and proven manner.  

Click here to download some product information on Envirospray 300, an acoustic sprray product designed to absorb dog barking. 


Therian has a number of plans available here to assist you with preliminary planning.

All the plans are easily adapted for building size, shape or the number of runs. We can customise plans to accommodate special sizes, or we can work with your designs to provide plans that meet your needs and cost constraints.

Our aim it to provide great designs that work the way you do.

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