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ISO-Care Units Print E-mail

A growing number of veterinary hospitals and animal shelters are choosing Iso-Care for isolating animals due to contagious diseases or quarantine requirements. Iso-Care’s attractive fibreglass interior washes clean in seconds. Animal discharge and cleaning solutions flow through elevated, plastisol-coated decking (upon which the animal rests) to the unit’s fibreglass floor below, and then exit through the Iso-Care’s floor drain, which can be connected to a sewer outlet.

Innovative tempered glass door design keeps all discharge within the Iso-Care more outside messes to clean.

Standard features include: drain outlet, interior light and three-speed exhaust fan which controls offensive odours and the spread of airborne virus.

Units are available in single- or double-deck configurations. Iso-Cares are completely assembled and ready for operation. Meets AAHA isolation standards.



Click here to download the ISO Care brochure

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