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whoopsie_away_no_background_1.jpgDoggie waste is considered a nuisance, or even health hazard, when found in public areas such as parks and on pavements. Commercial kennels, shelters, government agencies and dog breeding establishments have a much larger problem due to the number of dogs concentrated into a small area, and until now it has been difficult to dispose of the waste. The only alternative being disposing as land fill, expensive waste treatment systems or labour intensive trench digging.

The Whoopsie-Away dog waste disposal unit will deal with this more unpleasant aspect of keeping dogs in kennels. A specialised disintegrator unit quickly chops up and flushes dog faeces directly into the sewer. The dilution and cutting action ensures there are no blockages and the system can cope with even the largest establishment.

Installed close to the kennels or dog runs the Whoopsie-Away will unobtrusively dispose of dog faeces. To initiate disposal the water supply is turned on, the electric motor started and the dog waste is shovelled or poured into the feed hopper. After disposal the water and motor are switched off.

The new disposer that will streamline waste disposal in your kennel and free up operator time for more important work such as taking clients for walkies!

The unique Whoopsie-Away is manufactured in robust stainless steel and long life materials ensuring it will last for years of service.

No more digging pits or paying expensive removal costs for bagged material. Now with a simple connection to the electrical supply, mains water and waste pipe you can have instant disposal. The powerful disintegrator motor makes short work of dog waste problems.  


Note:  The Whoopsie Away is classified as a trade waste device and therefore the facility owner must apply to their local authorities for approval to install and operate the Whoopsie Away by way of a Trade Waste License.  To make it trouble free for our clients, Therian can assist you with the application for a Trade Waste License with your local authorities.

Disclaimer:  As each local authority has it's own trade waste license process, not all authorities will grant permission to install and operate a Whoopsie Away unit.

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Whoopsie Away video

Want to see how easy it is to operate the Whoopsie Away?  Simply click on the video below...

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Client Testimonials

"We are a long standing user of the Whoopsie Away and have had the new Series two model installed for the last two years. This has been extremely reliable with the added benefit of a timer, which automatically stops after disposal which is a big improvement over the previous model. I really do not know how we would cope without the Whoopsie Away for disposing of our large volume of dog waste."  Lyn Gilman, Manager, Bristol Dogs Home

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